Health Guarantee and Conditions of Purchase

Kayla Matheny/Quarter Creek Danes offer a 2 year limited health guarantee with most puppies. By receiving this document, your puppy is eligible for said guarantee. Kayla Matheny (breeder) guarantees that during the first 2 years of life, your(buyer/owner)  new puppy will be free from congenital heart disease, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and thyroid disorders if terms and conditions are met.


This guarantee is only valid if new owner of said puppy follows the breeder’s nutritional recommendations for a Giant breed puppy. Those guidelines include feeding only a quality name brand Large Breed adult food, that is NOT grain free, for at least the first year. Owners must NEVER supplement puppies with calcium or anything that may promote the growth rate of the puppy. If this is done or suspected, or proof of food purchase cannot be provided, the guarantee is VOID. If the recommended diet is not followed, the guarantee is VOID.

Guarantee is also void in the event of any injury or nutritional deficiency that leads to any joint issues.

As an additional term of purchase, new owners must have their puppy examined by their veterinarian within 72 hrs of purchase. If any abnormalities or life threatening conditions are found, breeder must be notified within 24 hours of exam. The examining veterinarian must then supply supporting documentation to the breeder. Breeder has the right to have puppy examined by the veterinarian of her choice before validating any guarantees. Guarantee will only be in effect for the above mentioned health issues (ie. congenital heart disease, thyroid disease, hip and elbow dysplasia). If all terms have been met on the part of the owner and an abnormality covered under the guarantee is found, then owner may return defective puppy in exchange for another puppy of equal/lesser value OR half the purchase price of their puppy. Returns in the form of a replacement puppy or monetary, are subject to availability and owner/puppy buyer may have to wait for a litter to become available. No guarantee will be made that a puppy selected on the return policy will have the same breeding or colors as the original puppy. No monetary exchanges will be made in any situation, to cover any cost or care incurred by the buyer while puppy is in their care. If the claim is found to be invalid or not covered under the health guarantee outlined above, no exchange will be made.

New owners are responsible for any and all health care including, but not limited to vaccines and dewormings after purchase. Puppies will be vaccinated for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, and Parainfluenza prior to leaving. Puppies will receive dewormer at least 4 times prior to leaving. There will be no guarantee that puppy does not have intestinal/external parasites, although every measure will be taken to prevent these.


Spay/Neuter Policy

Puppies purchased without breeding rights MUST be altered by 18 months of age. Documentation from the performing veterinarian must be sent to breeder. No registration papers will be transferred to buyers until puppy has been altered.  If puppy is not altered or is bred, going against the agreement, puppy must be returned to breeder at buyer’s expense. And any profits taken from the sale of puppies or breeding services will also be forfeited to the breeder.



To ensure proper placement, living conditions, and preservation of bloodline, puppies are not to be re-homed or sold without prior notification of breeder. Breeder will authorize placement into a new home or will resume ownership until a home can be found. If puppy is rehomed without breeder consent, puppy owner will be subject to lawsuit, as well as any and all legal fees associated.


Puppies are sold under the assumption that they will be housed primarily indoors. Great Danes, as a breed, do not do well when housed outdoors and exposed to the elements. If it is determined that any puppy sold is being housed primarily outdoors, in a kennel, on a chain, said puppy will need to be returned to the breeder at the owner’s expense and with no reimbursement from breeder.


Under no circumstance is owner/puppy buyer to verbally slander or produce written libel about breeder/Kayla Matheny or said breeding program. If an owner has an issue with purchase or with puppy, the issue is to be resolved privately with Kayla Matheny with or without legal council at buyer’s expense. Buyer is not to discuss any dispute with anyone outside of Kayla Matheny or legal council at any time. Doing so will result in the forfeit of any health guarantee and ownership of puppy to Kayla Matheny.

By signing below, I agree to and understand above guarantee, terms and conditions associated with the purchase of the puppy described below and testify that said puppy appears healthy at this time. I have been provided copies of all relative documents to puppy’s health and care.

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